What makes a luxury home stand out?

luxury villas in goa

luxury goa villasThese ultra-modern amenities will make your luxury villa the most authentic reflection of opulence and grandeur. 

Almost all homes today are built by incorporating the trendiest furniture and decor; not many people are willing to stick to the traditional; they want what’s new in the market. So if every person is going toward the trend, what makes a luxury villa stand out from the rest?

Well, luxury has a different meaning for all, and we are here today to list must-have state-of-the-art amenities and features for your luxury villa. Let’s dive straight into it.

Amenities that you need in a luxury home in 2022-

1. AI technologies

Have you heard of a smart home?Luxury villas are not just about the sparkle and the glimmer anymore; they become luxury through the stacked-up amenities and features that promote convenience.

Today, Luxury home buyers need a digitally-operational home to cut down on their time doing everyday non-productive tasks. All of this has been made possible with the help of the internet of things; from intelligent lighting solutions to managing home appliances like air conditioners, televisions, and whatnot- AI technologies have really excited the game of luxury homes as every buyer in 2022 wants it.

Moreover, such technologies are also sustainable since they allow massive energy savings and focus on conserving resources. So the next time you forget to turn the AC of your living room off, you do it instantly without having to linger with the thought for hours while working.

Some of the latest trends and amenities in this segment include intelligent kitchen tools, radiant heating and cooling systems, shade control mechanisms, and more. 

2. Pool

Sun-drenched Sundays beside the pool is one mellow vibe that we all want to experience. And when it comes to luxury villas in Goa, a pool is non-negotiable, which is an element of biophilic architecture.

The great thing is this luxury amenity can get even more luxurious if you wish. One thing that people want in their pools today is bubblers and jacuzzi; it helps them relax and enjoy the calm and serene surroundings, especially after a hectic day.

Although that’s enough of a luxury for some, others might want to go for pools with hot tubs or even mosaic-themed surroundings.

Our tip? Add some ambient lighting to the space, which sets the whole vibe right.

That being said, we can not forget that indoor pools are a thing too. Many people are just not fond of outdoorsy settings, and preferences matter most here. So if you are one of those who fancy indoor pools, consider getting panelled skylights or maybe panelled glass windows- it surely will leave you in awe of the whole design.

3. Bar

People like having a bar in their villas today; It’s just on many people’s checklists. But if this is something that you haven’t thought of just yet, then let us introduce the idea to you.

People like to enjoy a glass of wine while relaxing and having the day off or maybe even at the end of the day while spending time alone. And a bar is something that is a significant requirement for them. But what they can’t seem to figure out is if they want a dedicated setup or will a normal minibar do?

The good about luxury homes is that they are incredibly spacious, and one can easily afford a lounge setup. One of the wildest designs one could go for is a built-in home bar- this is the right one for you if you like living big. It’s a replica of a real bar, only much more customized to your liking.

However, if that’s not something you want, you can always go for cabinets and even trolleys. They are more convenient when you host parties or get-togethers as people can help themselves then.

4. Walk-in wardrobe

Not everyone today understands the benefits that a walk-in closet brings. We don’t blame them but honestly, once you experience that, you can not go back to the usual cabinets and almirahs.

Beware, and don’t confuse it with reach-in closets and dressing rooms; a walk-in wardrobe is a room full of essentials you keep in a closet instead of an almirah. The basic dimensions of the same should be 5ftx8ft. However, it can be as big as you want since you are the decision-maker here.

It can be an entirely separate room built-in like a closet or the one attached to your bathroom, bedroom, or both. It makes more sense to have it attached to your bedroom as things become more accessible then.

If you like a slight vintage feel, experiment with hardwood touches and glass shelves- they are people’s go-to, or just go for floor-to-ceiling cabinets for a more minimalistic look. Both look incredibly classy and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Library

This might not be to every person’s liking, but to those who read a lot or just like to work in a quiet place, a dedicated workplace might sound like an exciting deal. This can also be a good option if you have a flex-worthy book collection.

But the good thing is, you don’t have to go with the whole academic vibe if you don’t want to. Today people like to go a bit quirky by adding sculptural shelves and giving it a more fun feel. You can do that or choose the casual lounge setting with a backdrop of books. Whichever suits your personality more.

You can also brainstorm over a theme; you can keep it monochromatic or experiment with colors. Our clients love the classic couch setting with a fireplace and a floor-to-ceiling shelf.

We say add a chandelier if you want; it will definitely make a difference.

6. Smart security

A smart villa must be smartly secured. You know you can’t look after the whole property by yourself, and that is where the AI will come to your rescue again. As we mentioned earlier, the internet of things helps with the smart security of your property.

Some of the most essential security features that you need in your luxury villas 2022 are:

1. Colour night vision cameras

You don’t want thieves to leverage the dark and invade your property. Standard CCTV cameras just won’t help; you need high-tech cameras to see through the darkness.

2. Smart integrations

It is smarter and safer to integrate your security systems like cameras and locks. If you have innovative lock technology, it takes less than a few seconds to ensure all doors and windows are locked instead of going on a voyage to cross-check each one of them. Moreover, integration can also give you access to your property’s CCTV footage on your phone and alert you on the motion, which becomes really important since you can’t be looking at the screens all the time.

7. Views and Surroundings

A luxury villa is just a villa if it doesn’t have a scenic view. After all, it’s a space to chill, relax and experience the calmness and serenity that mostly come from the nature where it is located. Without that, it’s just a big villa situated in the midst of a chaotic city. Who wants that, really?

It isn’t an amenity, but it is something that’s highly non-negotiable. So hear it loud and clear- you need a place near to nature and away from the regular noises for this to fulfill your desires.

8. Foyers

Foyers are the new wow factor people want in their luxury villas. And it makes sense, too, as it provides a more welcoming vibe. What’s best about this part is that you can do so much with this space and impress the visitors right there.

Foyers have so much potential; you can do a monochromatic setup or go for a more opulent vibe by choosing marble flooring with a glass table. If nothing, go for a vibrant color wall with a lovely-looking portrait and a set of flowers; this one never fails to leave a lasting impression.

Honestly, foyers are much more than just an entryway, it sets the theme for the whole place and makes people more aware of what they might see later.

Storage tip- use cool cabinets near your foyer to store any and everything one might need on the go.

9. In-house gymnasium

We’ve got quite a few health freaks these days. A gym in the house is not something that everyone would prefer, but it is something that many people are talking about.

You might not want a proper gymnasium, but you can still have a dedicated workout space. Some people just like to save some room for this near their pool to take a dip later on and relax properly. Which is quite a good way of making both things work.


Some of the features mentioned above are a must, and some of them are not- what matters here is personalization. A luxury villa that is highly personalized located in a situation that provides you the break that you highly require. Customization brings you the power to live a lifestyle you always wanted to, which is why people are doing it. Will you too?